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Hello! Welcome to Ani-Graphs, a club made for all the animal photographers on the DeviantART scene! Our goal is to create a place where members can post their photos to help them get more known in this art community, in hopes that they can then receive feedback by their peers.

If you are looking for a place to help you gain more exposure, view other photographer's work, meet new people and over all have fun then this is the club you've been looking for.

This club was founded by last-moment and silent-pirate. Feel free to contact us with questions!
Animal Photographs
(Welcome|News)(Joining|Submitting)(Contest)(Founders|Members)(Rules|FAQ) (Elite Program)

March 9th;; Me again!  Though it's not quite what I had originally planned, the guide has been written and should appear in your inboxes.  I would also like to announce the launch of our Elite Program, which was created as an encouragement and tool for those who are pursuing animal photography as an art form.  For more information, see this journal.  Let me know if you have more questions or any suggestions for club activities or more guides.  silent-pirate

March 8th;;  Hey guys.  Been a while, eh?  I have my excuses, but I won't bother you with those.  Things will continue to be slow but not as bad as they have been.  I'm dealing with submissions, and tomorrow I plan on making a journal about with tips and tricks for animal photography that I've picked up, for those up you ready to move from fun snapshots to artistic photos.  silent-pirate

November 26th;;  Hey mates, sorry I haven't been able to work on submission!  I've been participating in National Novel Writing Month, so attempting to write a 50k word novel during November has taken up my free time.  This mad dash will be over in a few days however, and I'll get to the submissions as soon as my brain recovers.  Take care and happy Thanksgiving to you Americans, silent-pirate

October 1st;; Happy autumn everyone!  We've reached eight members now, which is fantastic!  You can help spread the word by inviting your friends and putting our icon in your journal.  My hope is that by the end of the month, we'll have enough members to run some sort of activity.  Until then, you're more than welcome to send your activity ideas to the club.  Keep on snapping, silent-pirate

Aug 14th;; Just a reminder, please +fav original deviations, not those submitted to the club.  Also, we'll do our best to get submissions uploaded quickly, but school has started for me and that means I'll be a little slower to replying to things.  But I promise, it will get done!  silent-pirate

Aug 11th;; Ani-Graphs is now up and running for business! Join, submit, get some of your friends to join, and help this club get off the ground =D last-moment


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Lott-photo Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2009
thnx for watching me :)
pokedrawer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2009
do they have to be like professional or just pics of your pets?
ani-graphs Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009
As long as it's a photo YOU took of an animal, it's allowed. We do have a special gallery for artistic photos, but they certainly don't have to be pro to be accepted.
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